IME s for the Australian Visa applicant consists of Medical History, Physical exam, TB Screening test, Laboratory and Radiological test. The Laboratory and Radiological test include:

Urine examination  ≥ 5 years
TB Screening Test(Mantoux or IGRA)*  2-11 years
Chest X-ray  ≥ 11 years
Serology test for HIV,Hepatitis B and syphilis  ≥15 years (requirement depending on the visa category)

Note: The above tests may also be indicated for the lower age limit depending on their medical condition.

You need to bring the following documents at the time of your Medical examination:

  • Original and valid passport with one photocopy (Primary and preferred form of identity document) or only for exceptional cases clearly readable photocopy of valid passport along with original and valid Computerized National Identity Card issued by NADRA. For Refugees:  Refugee Identity card issued by NADRA/UNCHR or Tazkira is acceptable alternate ID document.
  • Health Request Letter*, containing HAP ID*.
  • Medical test reports regarding past or current medical status
  • Antenatal card for pregnant ladies.
  • Eyeglasses or Contact Lens ( if used by the applicant)
  • Valid Polio vaccination card being issued by approved governmental health authority.
  • If you're under 18, your parent or legal guardian with you.

TB Screening Test*:

Children aged 2-11 years, who are applying for a permanent or provisional visa need TST (Mantoux test) according to the revised DIBP protocol from 20th Nov, 2015. In order to complete TST (Mantoux test), your children require and additional visit to determine the result of the test within 48 to 72 hours from the date of TST conducted (appointment date for 2nd visit will be provided at the time of the test being performed).

Please note that IGRA, a blood test can be performed (on laboratory specific days) instead of TST and there is no need for a 2nd visit to take a reading. Incase TST or IGRA  is positive, children have to come again for Chest X-ray. No charge is required for additional X-ray or TST but additional charge is required for IGRA test.


*Health Request letter: Contains HAP ID used for medical processing on eMedical portal. For the further information you can visit the DIBP website,

My Health Declaration to generate the HAP ID, for further information you can visit DIBP Website,

Service Fee:

The below service fee is collected at IOM Migration Health Assessment centers. It covers the cost for initial IME which includes Physical examination, Urine analysis, Chest X ray, TST (Mantoux), Serology tests for HIV, VDRL, Hepatitis B and C and TB investigation (Sputum smear, culture, DST and Post sputum repeat Chest X ray)

Age Service Fee in Pakistani Rupees
< 5 Years PKR 4200
5 to <11 years PKR 4500
11 to<15 years PKR 6800
15 Years  and above without  HIV PKR 7100
15 Years  and above with  HIV PKR 7600
15 Years  and above HIV,VDRL Hep-B and Hep C PKR 9100
CXR only at initial IME PKR 3000

Screening at Lahore center applies 16% GST on Laboratory and Radiology test on top of the above service fee.

Additional Medical test and referral request, including specialist consultation are not included in the above service fee and will be charged separately.

Submission of your medical result:

For eMedical applicants, the medical documents will be submitted electronically at eMedical after receiving of complete result. You may contact our call center +92 (051) 111-466-472 or email at: if you wish to inquire about your health case submission status.