How to Schedule Your Pre-departure Health Assessment Using MyMedical

"Dear Applicants,
For your convenience ,you are requested to please deposit the UKTB fee to the designated bank branches at least a day before your appointment date."
Our usual Office hours are: 
8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Thursday
8:00 am to 01:00 pm Fridays

UKTB service fee is increased & effective from 19th Sep 2019. For information about UKTB fee and procedures please click the following LINK.

Note: We strongly encourage our clients to take appointment directly by calling or mailing IOM Call Centre. You do not have to pay anyone for an appointment neither we have an association with any mediator such as consultants, agents, solicitors e.t.c.

*Canadian, Australian & New Zealand service fee is revised & effective from 7th Oct 2019.