DNA sampling involves the procedure obtaining the biological material of related individuals in order to determine the biological relationships. MHD at IOM Pakistan performs the DNA sampling for migrants and refugees resettling to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Italy. The technique of sample collection depends on the sampling Kit of DNA Laboratory and usually involves either collection of sample buccal mucosa or blood sample taken from finger pricks, or a combination of both techniques.

Prior to DNA sample collection pretest counseling sessions are carried out to provide information on the purpose of the testing followed by written consent taking.In order to assure the integrity of the test, all stages of DNA sample collection are conducted under strict protocols along with witnesses designated by the requesting country.

The specimen is sent via an international courier to an appointed reference laboratory of respective countries for the DNA testing.

Usually the concerned high commission of the requesting countries informs the clients regarding the appointment date for DNA sampling. Occasionally IOM may directly contact the applicant to arrange an appointment after receiving the request from the designated laboratories. Applicant must bring their original passport for DNA sample collection and the service fee which is collected at the time of DNA sample collection.