All travelers out of Pakistan should receive polio vaccine between 4 weeks to 12 months before departure. Pakistan’s major Government Hospitals and District Headquater hospitals provide the oral Polio vaccine and issue valid certificate of Polio vaccination for the traveler. If you have already received the Polio vaccine, then you need to bring the valid Polio vaccine certificate to IOM at the time of Immigration Medical Examination. Those undertaking urgent travel should receive a vaccine dose at least by the time of departure. You must carry the valid Polio certificate while travelling out of Pakistan.


  • Depending on your past or current medical condition, Panel Physician may advise you for the additional medical tests and/or specialist consultation at the time of initial medical examination.
  • If your chest X-ray is abnormal, presenting changes, suggesting active Tuberculosis or if there are other clinical reasons to suspect TB disease, you will be referred for sputum testing. Sputum will be collected in the early morning working hours for three consecutive days. The testing with sputum culture takes 8 (eight) weeks from the last day of sputum specimen collection. In case of inadequate sample, recollection might be requested when the result will be further delayed.
  • If you are diagnosed as having active Tuberculosis, you will be advised for the TB treatment which will take minimum 6 months to complete.
  • You may need to complete the furtherance request for additional medical test or specialist consultation after the submission of initial medical examination. If you have been informed about your furtherance earlier then you should contact us immediately for the appointment.
  • Australian, Canadian and New Zealand IME , the medical documents will be submitted electronically after receiving all the reports. You may contact our call center at +92 (051) 111-466-472 or send a request to, if you wish to inquire about your status health case submission.